Education Empowers

Darin believed education was a key to winning the war on terrorism. We cannot continue his work in Afghanistan, but we can carry on his mission of education in our community.


Given in Memory

Ms. Peggy Allgood
Mrs. Wilma Billington
Steve and Wendy Cowne
Mr. Stacy Darnell
Ms. Marilyn Downey
Elizabeth and Jay Flanagan
Ms. Jennifer Jarrett
Mrs. Maureen E. McKinney
Mrs. Lita Rushing
Mr. Sam Taylor
Ms. Rita Thorn
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Weatherford
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Janne

Mr. Chuck Adams
Ms. Rhonnda Armstrong
Dr. and Mrs. R. Bailey Binford
Mr. Mark A. Charlton
Mr. James Daniels
Mrs. Mr. Hutcheson Smith and Mrs. Martha Emmons
Mr. and Mrs. Frank English
Mrs. Sandra A. Harben
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Matteo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Meredith
Ms. Charlotte Riedfort
Mr. Mark Thorn
Mr. Jamie Vance
Mrs. Janice Weatherford
Ms. Jody Willingham

American Legion Post 73, Murray, KY
Mr. and Mrs. John Conroy
Ms. Debbie Dameron
Gina Dunning and Butch Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hendrick
Mr. and Mrs. Wally Higdon
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson
Ms. Jennifer Johnson
Mr. Mark Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Kelly
Ms. Faye Key
Mr. and Mrs. Don Leet
Ms. Cheri Loftis
Mrs. Georgann Lookofsky
Kelly Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Nix
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Page
Ms. Kelli Parsons
Dr. and Mrs. Winfield H. Rose
Ms. Martha Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Telle
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy White

The James and Margaret Brooks Family
Lori J. Loftis
Kelly Murphy

Air Liquide USA LLC
Dr. and Mrs. David Brewer
Ms Vicki Cooper
Ms. Sherri Gallimore
Mr. and Mrs. Woody Herndon
Randy and Chris Janne
Mr. Jonathan Mennuti
Mrs. Nancy Whitaker

Lin and Fred Kirkpatrick
Meredith Durbin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meredith
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Durbin
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Kelly
AT&T Foundation

Mary and Steve Martz
Janet and Lee Dettra

Ms. Lisa Wurth
Sue and Dave Kierzkowski
Pam Franklin
George and Carol Ann Glasby 
Kirk Glasby

Art in the Garden

Wildhair Studio
Ephemera Paducah
Ms. Ruth Elliott
Mrs. Alice Gail Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Truitt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vance
Ms. Jane Viterisi
Ms. Debbie Wattier
David and Nancy Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Stephens
Mr.and Mrs. Richard Trampe
Bonita and Duncan Truitt
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Shockley
Mrs. Laura Slusher
Martha Emmons and Hutch Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Meyers
Sara and Jerry Page
Mr. Frank Schuler
Steve and Donna Seltzer
Ms. LaNelle Mason
Tom and Cindy Miller
Mike and Julie Muscarella
Mr. Richard Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Housman
Marvin Living Trust
Steve and Beth Hensen
Mr. Mike Reed
Mrs. LaVerne Janne
Carly and Conner Framptom
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Fricker
Sherry and Chuck Granner
Ms. Cathy Crecelius
Leslie and John Current
Butch Jones and Gina Dunning
Ms. Shirlee East
Judy Clucas
Ms. Vicki Cooper
Ms. Lou Coots
Ms. Elizabeth Bornefield
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Brockway
Mr. Michael Buckner
Gail and William Clifton
Ms. Lucia Robertson
John and Linda Asbell
Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Bloodworth
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Underwood
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shane Wall
Mrs. Whitni Stratemeyer
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Kelly
Mrs. Doll Blakeney
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Young
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Meredith Jr.
Ms. Anne McNeilly
Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Wallace
Paula and Steven Shell
Ms. Barbara Wothen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O'Rourke
Ms. Jane Viterisi
Ms. LaNell Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Janne
Ms. Susan Powell
Karen Durbin

Given in Memory of Steve Bogard
Fellow Classmate

Chris and Lori Sheridan

Given in Memory of Raymond E. Brooks,

LaVerne Janne
Daniel Singer
Kathye Taylor
Kimberly Brooks
John Creamer
Hagemeyer North America
Jeff Strader
Jody Winningham
Nissan of Smyrna, TN

Given in Memory of James E. Brooks, Grandfather

Mrs. LaVerne J. Janne
Anna and Rex Janne
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Meredith
The Eddington and Dill Families
       Fred and Wanda Dill
       Richard and Linda Dill
       Barbara and Dave Edington
       Dorothy and Max Edington
Ted and Shelly Willis
Anne McNeilly
Holly, Alison and Camille Loftis
United States Enrichment Corporation, Paducah Plant

Given in Memory of Albertine Inez Loftis, Grandmother

Lori Loftis
Holly, Alison and Camille Loftis

Given in Honor of Chris and Randy Janne

Jean and Sandy Meredith
Rex, Anna and Matt Janne

Given in Honor of Marco O'Bryan
2014 Recipient of the J. Darin Loftis Memorial Scholarship

Chris and Randy Janne
in honor of his graduation from Murray State University in 2018