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Darin believed education was a key to winning the war on terrorism. We cannot continue his work in Afghanistan, but we can carry on his mission of education in our community.

Application Details

On February 25, 2012, Lt Col J. Darin Loftis, a 1986 graduate of Calloway County High School, and a Special Operations officer with the U.S. Air Force, was shot and killed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Darin was back in Afghanistan for his second tour. Fluent in Pashto, he also spoke Dari, the local languages. His service in the Air Force was highlighted by his search for a different approach to American military presence in Afghanistan. This new perspective involved the military working side-by-side with the Afghan military and police to resolve issues of public safety with respect for religion and tradition.

As a high school student, Darin excelled in languages and the sciences. He also had wide-ranging interests that included playing the oboe in the high school band and participating in track, football and tennis. He was voted Most Studious by his classmates his senior year. He went on to graduate from Vanderbilt University and served in the United States Peace Corps before beginning his service in the U.S. Air Force. During the course of his Air Force career, he earned three master’s degrees. Darin fully demonstrated a life of service and lifelong learning.

Darin believed education was a key to winning the war on terrorism. This scholarship represents that mission that Darin now forever enables in the local community in which he was raised. May the recipient of this annual award always remember Darin’s mission and represent it very well. By accepting this award, you accept his mission.

As part of completing the application process, please watch this 10 minute video about Darin and his work which was shared by the New York Times: or

Applicant must be a graduating Calloway County High School senior with a 3.0 GPA or higher and an ACT score of at least 18.

Applicant must demonstrate good citizenship, integrity, academic achievement, a commitment to serving his or her community, a good relationship with peers and teachers, and a drive for personal development.

Applicant must be a candidate for high school graduation at the end of the current academic year, and plan to enroll in an accredited post-secondary two or four-year college, university or vocational institution the following academic year.
How Winners Are Chosen
Applicant’s eligibility will be evaluated on responses in the scholarship application.
Finalists will be interviewed by the scholarship committee. Each student should be prepared to answer questions about his or her high school experience and educational and life goals.

Academic achievement will be evaluated based on grade point average and ACT scores outlined above.

 Leadership in school activities and community service based on the student's extracurricular involvement, academic standing, honors and awards, and involvement in the community through public service.

Extra consideration will be given to students who demonstrate (a.) foreign language studies; (b.) cross-cultural experience(s); and/or (c.) a commitment to public service.

Award Amount

 How to Apply  
Applications can be obtained from the Guidiance Councellor at Calloway County High School, Murray, KY.

Deadline February 15, 2014

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