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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Message from Hurlburt Air Base

On July 3, 2013, my family and I had the privilege of touring the special ops training auditorium named in Darin's honor at the Hurlburt Air Force Base in Florida. We were vacationing in the area that week and it was such an amazing experience to see the facility and talk to some of the Airmen who knew and had worked with Darin.

The Commander of the base made a special stop to talk with us about Darin along with other senior officers. Darin's depth of knowledge, incredible leadership skills and kindness were stated over and over.

However, it is the story of the base' photographer that I want to specifically share.

She was present in the training building to take pictures of an Airman who was being promoted to Captain in the auditorium named after Darin. When she heard that we were there because of Darin,

Weatherford Family

she could not stop telling us about how kind and gracious Darin was to her and to everyone on base. She wanted to make sure I understood how much she thought of Darin and that everyone on base "felt the same way". As he did throughout his life, Darin left such an impression and therefore led others by his words, deeds and example. She is the reason there is a picture of our family to share with this note. It is with the main plaque honoring Darin in that building. She insisted on taking a picture and then making sure it got to me. It was that important to her to honor Darin in doing this for us. Darin had the unique skill in making everyone in a room feel included, important and heard.

Please honor Darin today by making a donation to his scholarship fund at:

For Darin,

Tim Weatherford

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