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Darin believed education was a key to winning the war on terrorism. We cannot continue his work in Afghanistan, but we can carry on his mission of education in our community.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thank You Air Evac Lifeteam!

Air Evac Lifeteam provides emergency helicopter flights throughout the south eastern United States and parts of Texas. While these flights are life saving they are also quite expensive, upwards of $15,000. Some insurance companies will pay for the flight, some insurance companies will pay a portion and some do not cover emergency flights. Air Evac Lifeteam provides a membership program that will pay for the part not covered by insurance. If there is no insurance, the program will pay the entire cost of the flight. The cost of membership is $50 - $60 a year, a real bargain; members of Farm Bureau will get a $10 discount, an even better bargain!

Air Evac Lifeteam has graciously agreed to donate $10 from every new membership enrollee, that uses a designated code, to the J.Darin Loftis Memorial Scholarship Fund. Mark Thorn, CCHS class of '86 member and part of the scholarship team, is a flight nurse for Air Evac Lifeteam. Mark will be happy to provide additional information including the codes for Farm Bureau members and scholarship donations. Mark can be reached at or 270-832-2110.